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QuickBooks Error 15242

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Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 15242

QuickBooks Error 15242 usually pops up while attempting to update and run payroll or accounts in QuickBooks. This error arises with a displayed message from the screen specifying an improper download and installation of payroll updates regarding the system.

The QuickBooks Error 15242 error may display the next reasons because the cause of this error.

Incomplete installing of payroll update. OR
QuickBooks FCS (File Copy Service) is not responding or might be damaged, as a result, jamming proper function of QuickBooks & payroll system.
Therefore, it is crucial to eliminate QuickBooks Error 15242, as it might terminate the smooth work flow, ultimately affecting the company. Attempt the troubleshooting steps highlighted below to resolve your issue.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 15242

Solution 1: Validate Your Payroll Subscriptions

Log to your QuickBooks and browse to Employees then click back at my Payroll Service> Account or Billing Information.
The QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance sheet will show up on the screen.
Close the page to permit QuickBooks to re-validate the payroll subscription.
When validation process completes, you will need to update your QuickBooks or payroll once again.

Solution 2: Execute clean QuickBooks installation in Selective Startup

Occasionally, the 3rd-party applications such as for example Anti-Malware and Anti-virus obstruct the QuickBooks Desktop installation process. It becomes vital to install the QuickBooks Desktop in a selective startup since this mode lets you open your windows with few selected programs operating on the computer.

Press from the Windows + R keys to launch the Run command on the screen.
Key in msconfig and then click on OK.
Open the General tab then click on Selective startup and Load system services.
Find Services tab and then click on "Hide all Microsoft Services" option.
Next, click on Disable all.
Eliminate the check up on the "Hide all Microsoft Services check" box.
View services lists and make certain the Windows Installer box is checked. (Click on OK not selected).
From System Configuration window, select the Restart option.
After the system starts, install / uninstall / reinstall QuickBooks Desktop with clean install.
Restarting the body to normalcy configuration

Press regarding the Windows + R keys simultaneously to launch Run command.
Key in msconfig and then click on OK.
From General tab click on Normal Startup> OK.
From System Configuration window, click on Restart.
QuickBooks Customer Tech Support

These are the suggested troubleshooting steps for fixing QuickBooks Error 15242. We hope your error is resolved by performing the steps. If the error still persists, immediately contact us, we will resolve the error for you personally. QuickBooks Technical support team is designed to give you the best make it possible to customers, which explains why we now have a team of experts who will be well trained and equipped to eliminate any Quickbooks errors / issues.



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